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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Baja he huh!!!

So if you look at the Baja in "The hunt for replacement bikes" and you compare this to our two bikes you will notice a difference.

This is the official Honda press release for the "Baja" and "R":

They both have the MD30 frame and MD17E engine. So the difference between the Baja and the "R" is the Baja has a 14lt tank, two big round lights and a kickstart and electric start combination.

So where does Rensche's Baja fit into the picture. Either it's a standard "R" with a kickstart and Baja sticker on the tank or it's a Baja with a "R" standard light and tank with a Baja sticker on the tank.

Someone somewhere is palming these psuedo Baja's off as the real thing and the dealers in the UK are either clueless or in on the game.