Buya Ikhaya (Come Home)

Charlie and Rensche are coming home by riding motorbikes from London to Cape Town.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So what's up?

It's been a while since we last posted a blog....we've been hibernating through the winter and got married along the way!!!

The bikes are pretty much ready to go with screens, topboxes, 22lt tanks...they really look and feel the business.

We started our vaccines last week...damn it hurts...Polio, Typhoid and Diptheria in the right shoulder; Hep A and Tetanus in the left shoulder. We go back in 3 weeks time for the rest and to start our Hep B course and collect our Cholera self-medicating prescription.

We are moving up to London at the end of March which is great; a bit of 'Bright lights Big city' before heading off and I was wondering how we would "leave" from London if we still lived in Poole.

We pack the bikes every weekend...purely for the sake of doing it even though we know our 253 items fit on and in the bikes.

We are really enjoying reading up about and adding place names to our list of "Must Do's".

Now that the days are getting longer we are planning a few practice trips around the UK and the occasional weekend scrambling across Salisbury Plain dodging tanks.

We have now pegged our departure date at 15th September 2007 and will be heading through Europe, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and down the eastern route.

Will keep you updated!!!