Buya Ikhaya (Come Home)

Charlie and Rensche are coming home by riding motorbikes from London to Cape Town.

We hope that our stories from the road will motivate you to give a donation to our chosen charity Beautifulgate who are a Christian organisation helping Aids orphans in Southern Africa. Please follow the link in the column on the right.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Carbon Copy....

So it's the latest flavour of the month; everyone's talking about it; major contracts are awareded based on it. So how does our trip stand up to the Carbon Emmissions impact or our Carbon Footprint.

I have not done the calculation yet but would assume from all the hype that our trip on our bikes will leave a smaller foot print than flying home. So lets see how the standard direct flight from London to Cape Town compares with our proposed trip via the Middle east and east Africa :

Both of us taking the same flight one way from London Heathrow to Cape Town Airport:

Your emissions from this flight are: 2.82 Tonnes of CO2. The cost to offset this CO2 will be £21.18

I couldn't find a calculator for a motorbike but I know our bikes do 22lt/500km petrol so that is 4.4lt/100km. Assuming higher use in sand and 2x bikes, so apply 10lt/100km to a car for 20,000km:

Your emissions from this car are: 4.6 Tonnes of CO2. The cost to offset this CO2 will be £34.50

Ooops....well who believes in Global warming anyway...

But seriously, that is a surprising result which contradicts all the hype about flying being bad. Just goes to show that you can't believe eveything on TV.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bit of public exposure!!!

We will be sticking these stickers onto our bikes so if you see them you know it's us two mad Saffa's on our little bikes. They are actually going on the minute we can find somewhere to print them so that we can get the Beautifulgate fund raising going now whilewe are still buzzing around London.
A big thankyou to Dave Pascoe from the Yamaha Diversion Club for arranging printing of our stickers for free. Great job, they look awesome Dave is also the person that introduced us to Beautiful Gate

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Those other two guys....

On a number of occasions when I told someone that Rensche and I are going on our trip the immediate reaction has been: "Oh cool...just like Ewan and Charlie!" As with many other bike travellers I know we have the same reaction of gritting our teeth and hissing that no we are doing the trip because it has been our long standing dream to do so, even before they went on their last trip.

I wasn't going to say anything about Ewan & Charlie (EC) on our blog but it has materialised that they will now be doing the same route as us so I might as well give them a plug. Please note that they are doing the trip to draw attention to UNICEF's efforts across Africa so feel free to log into their site and make a donation.