Buya Ikhaya (Come Home)

Charlie and Rensche are coming home by riding motorbikes from London to Cape Town.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Where are we now?

Nothing came of the interview in Swakopmund for Charles so we went back to Plan A and have found a flat in Port Elizabeth and are just about to start job hunting. We are trying hard not to be sucked into the day to day mundane rat race. We also hope that we have learnt form this trip what little you can get by with without being sucked back into the world of competitive commercialism….we have decided not to buy a TV (for now).

PS we will be loading more photo's onto the blog over the next few days as our Photo album had expired and we are unable to renew the contract as their system does not have a payment option for South African post codes. But it still seem to be accessible at the moment so have a look while its still active!! (Namibia and SA are updated). Also we are working on the embarrassing spelling mistakes on the blog....we can only blame dodgy key boards and fast typing due to expensive Internet Cafe's...!?!

These are some of the people we met on the road in Africa and their relationships to each other.

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Katrina said...

Wow, congratulations on completing your journey, certainly looks like you had an amazing time! Good luck for the future :)